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Dark Prince Yami by RiYuYami Dark Prince Yami by RiYuYami
(I hope to Ra that I am not stealing any ones name for this, if I am, I'm sorry but I couldn't think of anything else...)

Dark Prince Yami has been around since I first saw Yami play the Seal of The Oracle (as its call in Japanese) and I thought he looked pretty badass even though I cried (I cried right in front of my parents) when Yugi was taken away (I cried when I missed the episode that played after it too, I was totally in love with Yami and Yugi at the time so I was weird like that) And then an idea hit me, what if Yami was the one taken and Dartz had plans to use him?

Dark Prince Yami's profile:

Name: Dark Prince Yami, or Yami
Age: 3017
Gender: Male and proud of it
Sexuality: gay, and he shows it when he tries to rape Kaiba (He's very evil and odd...)
Strength: Can use the power of the Seal without playing the card since he has a piece lodged in his left eye (which explains why the eye is green) and is the living human version of it, he is also much stronger then Dartz.
Weakness: His weaker half, as he calls him, Yami who is now just a soul living in a blue stone around Dark Prince Yami's neck, his left eye is the form that he takes and can actually communicate with the evil half but Dark Prince ignores him, for the most part.

Summery: After Rafale takes Yami's soul, Dartz senses that there is a large untapped amount of darkness in Yami's soul and he releases it, taking the light part away and placing it in a stone for his own keeping. But when Dartz thinks that Yami is now an empty shell and his darkness is given to the Laviaten, he gets sent flying across the room by a blast of energy and Dark Prince Yami awakes, taking a bit of the Seal and shoves it into his eye to gain more power. He then joins Dartz's gang only so that he can kill people and gain the souls of the chosen duelists.

He follows Yugi and crew as well as Kaiba and actually helps Yugi fight Haga and then kills the annoying bug duelist by shoving his hand into his chest and takes his soul that way since he has the seal inside of him, even though he wears a fragment around his neck.

I havn't come up with much after that, except he tries to rape Kaiba at Kaiba Corp. America. He does get a kick ass motorbike (its like the D-Wheel from 5D's, only black and red), which is why one of the random doodles on the pic has him wearing a helmet. Another pic of him is when he tries to seduce Kaiba, and then one where he tries to get rid of Yami by throwing the soul-stone away.

I only own this guy, his pain-in-the-ass-to-draw duel disk, and nothing else! *runs off wearing DPY's jacket*
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NarukoUchiha365 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009  Student Filmographer
i don`t even know why i think certain villans are hot!!!
RiYuYami Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Because they are?
shadowkaru15 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008
*drool* wow, he looks really hot =D awesome drawing!
RiYuYami Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008
Of course he's hot, he's Yami. XD Thank you. ^^
Kadaj-chan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
pure hotness *_*
RiYuYami Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
Of course. ^^ Thank you.
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